Noah Westergaard


President Noah (Westergaard) is fortunate to bring his experience and passion to this position. From elementary school to senior year, Noah has participated in over 20 shows. Noah specializes in stage management, but has also done set construction, costuming, props, and, of course, acting. He also enjoys his participation at the community theatre and the Stevens choirs. He’s quite experienced in Graphic Design, Photography, and Videography as well. His goal for this year is to provide a fun, safe space for all. Let's have a great year!

Mackenzie Layson

Vice President

Vice President Mackenzie (Layson) is very excited for this year and is overjoyed to provide an inclusive and safe environment for everyone. After seven years of theatre experience and being a part of twenty-two shows, Mackenzie has gained experience in acting and directing. She hopes to provide a set of open arms and warm welcomes to everyone in the drama department!

Enrich Patdu


Secretary/Editorial Enrich (Patdu) is eager to serve as the Drama Club secretary for her second year in a row. Enrich has been acting in a community since she was in elementary school and has started acting in actual productions since her freshman year. She is an active member in the Stevens Choirs, being in all of the groups available, except for Mens’ Chorus. She also has experience in doing run crew. She is prepared to elevate the professionalism of the Stevens Drama Club and is excited to work once more with the hobby she loves most.

Mara Northcutt


Publicist Mara (Northcutt) is thrilled to be an officer for the 2021-22 drama club. Mara has been participating in theatre since she was 11 years old. She loves acting and singing. Performing arts are her passion. Besides performing, Mara enjoys hair and makeup crew. She is ready to create a positive and welcoming environment for the entire drama club.

Sadie Colbeck

Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Communication and Outreach Sadie (Colbeck) is blessed to serve as the first ever CAO. Sadie has served in many leadership roles, such as Chairperson for the Rapid City Youth City Council and as an intern for Youth VIP. In drama, Sadie has been in smaller roles and mainly crew activities, such as stage manager. She is ready to make sure student voices are heard, as well as making the 2021-2022 drama club the best year the Showstoppers have ever had.