Once Upon a Time

Peter and the Starcatcher November 2021

Jabberwock Asylum February 2022

Into The Woods: Musical April 2022

Senior Directed One Acts May 2022 

The Theatre Awards May 2022



The World Will Keep Turning

A Simpler Time November 2020

Festival of Blunders February 2021

The War of The Worlds March 2021

Senior Directed One Acts May 2021 

  • Disappointment by Cassie Wessels

  • Love and Lost by Kyla Mitsos

  • The Terribly Troubling Trials of The Turtle by Jacob Schendzielos

  • Special Delivery by Cole Blackett and Jessa Simpson

  • Improv by Colby Jenner and AJ Avila Martinez

The 1st Annual Showstopper Awards May 2021



Welcome Home

The Outsiders November 2019

Welcome to the rest of your Lives February 2020

Anne Of Green Gables April 2020 CANCELLED

Virtual Senior Directed One Acts May 2020 

  • The Knight of Asuri

  • Lavish

  • Mirror, Mirror



Pride and Prejudice November 2018

Failure: A Love Story February 2019

Side Show MUSICAL April 2019 

Senior Directed One Acts May 2019 


Award Winning Shows

Festival of Blunders

  • Superior Individual Acting Performances 

Welcome to the rest of Your Lives 

  • Superior Ensemble (The Bureaucracy)

  • Superior Ensemble (The Outcasts)

Failure: A Love Story 

  • Superior Ensemble